Efficiency is a vital part of sustainable manufacturing. While there are many ways of doing this, we can look at it from two simple views:

1. Less input = same output

a. Using less electricity thru light-harvesting, sensors and more efficient machinery for production.
b. Less water usage from utilising rainwater…

I do design proposals almost every other day. I love being creative but without a system, it can be overwhelming.

So, I developed a standard for approaching design. Below is the list for my research and design process.


1. Gather info. I will ask the clients various details on…

Capitalism is always seen as the enemy of social justice and the environment as they only focus on profit maximisation.

Sustainability acts as a counterforce in the capitalist system.

Here’s how it makes sense.

1. Long term view of business/industry. Sustainability aims to make companies operate for as long as…

From rubberwood, to nyatoh, to chengal. We have access to an abundance of timber in Malaysia.

There are 4 main categories of wood in Malaysia. Heavy hardwood, medium hardwood, light hardwood and softwood.

Below is the most popular species listed by the

Malaysian Timber Industry Board


Heavy Hardwood


Buying quality furniture is a long-term investment, and investing in it right from the beginning guarantees years of comfort.

Good furniture can last longer and can be eco-friendlier. So when buying wood furniture, ask the seller:

1. Where do you source the products?

Locally sourced or imported — choose locally…

Sustainability in simple terms is about taking a longer-term view of the business with consideration for the “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Planet and Profit (coined by John Elkington).

Having been involved in the sustainability sphere for more than 8 years taught me a few things on how to use…

Its is not the issue of awareness anymore as most people know that we need to be more sustainable.

The issues that need attention are availability and affordability.


Are green products available and easily accessible in the market?

We need more green products and services in the market to…

Sustainability in business is not just about the products or services.

We can also look into other parts of the operations to make the overall business greener.

One of the easiest ways is moving towards paperless operations.

While we still use paper at The Green Factory, we always find ways…

Increase number of high rise building, the trend towards minimalistic, renting instead of owning and tiny homes movement contribute to the increase in demand for small space solutions.

I have been focusing on furniture for small homes and home office for quite some time now.

Efficient use of space is…

Imagine what could be possible if you could turn all of your waste into valuable materials you could then use to create new things.

Waste as future material is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of design.

Designers and architects are working to find new ways…

Harith Green Carpenter

Inspiring sustainability through crafting and leadership

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